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Winter 2018

Celebrating 80 years with 80 walks by 80 leaders - what's it about?
Stories: ANZAC Day at Splendour Rock; Compulsory item on bushwalks - first aid kit (and experience); When a cross isn't a cross; Paddy Pallin anecdotes; Morrie Donovan's Nepal challenge - the trip
Flora to watch for: Banksia spinulosa
The great South Coast Walk
Trip notes: The Greta North Walk
A blast from the past - December 1959
Vale Ian Firth

Autumn 2018

Stories: Morrie Donovan's Nepal challenge - the preparation;
Flora to watch for: Banksia robur
Book review: Wayfaring in Wollemi, Andy MacQueen
Trip notes: But where do you walk in Luxembourg?; A short walk in Japan's northern alps continued; K2K in a day
A blast from the past - while the billy boils (July 1956)
Free ebook: Marie Byles - a personal journey

Summer 2017-2018

Trip notes: 18 days in Mongolia; A short walk in Japan's northern alps
Flora to keep an eye out for: Blandfordia grandiflora - Christmas Bells
Alert: Bushwalking during Summer
Selection of people for overseas trips
From The Bush Club magazine of January 1957
Track notes: Waterfalls at North Lawson
Tips for leaders

Spring 2017

Trip Notes Stories: Hiking around Innsbruck
Stories: War memorials; Old boots can bite
Obituary: Colin Watson Life member & Past President CMW
A blast from the past - Bush Club fashions
On Walking Pace… a reminder
Book review:“Adventures, Friends and Memories” by Springwood Bushwalking Club”

Winter 2017

Stories and photos: Leaders Dinner, Bush Club on wheels - the first year, Not all thieves are stupid
Vale John Wilson
Ode to a Bush Club Venture OR The almost Makalu Trek
Trip notes: The Northwest Circuit, Stewart Island, NZ 2017

Autumn 2017

Trip Notes: Hiking in Japan - October 2016
Hiking Resources for loan
A bushwalking proposal for the Shoalhaven region
How to Sh..t in the Woods
AGM 1st December 2016

Summer 2016-17

Trip notes: Tour de Mont Blanc, Kyrgyzstan – a walking destination?
77th Bush Club birthday celebration photos
Progress Report on Implementation of Bush Club Refresher Group Recommendations
Accidents do Happen - what can you do about it
New claim procedures for the Bush Club's personal accident insurance
Flora and Fauna: Watch out for: Diamond Python
Vale Heather Roy, Brian Packard

Spring 2016

Trip notes: Le Chemin de Stevenson - GR70 - Le Monastier to St Jean-du-Gard; Canberra’s Centenary Trail - oblique angles on our capital; The Three Capes Walk Tasmania
Stories: The house is on fire!
Book reviews: "The Summit of Her Ambition - The spirited life of Marie Byles" Anne Mcleod; "Exploring the Jagungal Wilderness"
Robert Green
Vale Warren Irish, Jan Roberts

Winter 2016

Stories: The search for Evan Hayes' plaque: Blast from the past - gentleman assaulted at Bush Club meeting; Something about islands - Part 2 - Malta
Report: Leaders' Thank You dinner
Leading walks: why bother
Information: for leaders, members and prospectives; Dealing with Bush Club incidents on the track

Autumn 2016

Stories: My toughest walk yet - 7 girls and a guy in the Pyrenees; Wendy's Secret Garden; Something about islands - Visiting Sicily, Malta, Gozo, Comino
Vale Angelika Langley
Information: USI - Unique Student Identifier
Congratulations Michael Keats OAM
AGM 2015 Summary and President's report
New Life members: Kaye Birch, Ian Edwards, Bill Macks

Summer 2015-16

Stories: Snakes Alive; Amazing travels of Michael Pratt; Flashpoint
Summer Walking Tips

Spring 2015

Trip notes: The Great North Walk: Magic of Southern France; Blo’ Norton Hall Norfolk, UK
A cautionary tale

Winter 2015

Trip notes: Lovely Lake Rhona, Tasmania
Sex Offenders Register - New Policy
Book review: Wollemi National Park - The Complete North-South Traverse
Stories: ANZAC Dawn Service at Splendour Rock: Our Highest Mountain – Or Is It?;
An Old Dog Learns New Tricks - report on a first-aid course for bushwalkers; Man of Faith and Commitment - The late Father Frank Bendeich

Autumn 2015

Trip notes: Wet and wild in Coopracamba NP; From Mt Blanc to the Matterhorn; Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT)
Welcome new president Cavan Hogue; farewell outgoing Lynne Outhred
Story: Bushwalkers - Lest we Forget
When things go seriously wrong - emergency services for bushwalkers
New life members

Summer 2014-5

Trip notes: Barrington Tops NP
Bush Club orienteering contest, 50 years ago
Interview: Jim Lawler - Fifty years of leading Walks
Vale Beverley Purkis
Book Review: The Gardens of Stone National Park and Beyond Volume 5, Michael Keats
Drinking fluids? Does it matter?
How did Katoomba get its name?

Spring 2014

Trip notes: Receding glaciers in Patagonia
Poles?Yes or No?: Perils of Poles
First 10 years: How the Bush Club began - a story from the archives
Book Review: Bush Club Leaders, Michael Keats
Vale Joan Hannan
Missing Koalas Found
Bill Macks Walks Go On

Winter 2014

Trip notes: Patagonia; Doubtful Sound, NZ; Mt Ruapehu, Trevor, Rogo and a French lady
Hydration - tongue in cheek treatise for Suckers
Selection of people for overseas trips; What happens if leader is injured?
Vale Alex Colley OAM
Annual Leaders' Thank-You
Centennial Park - The ‘People’s Park’

Autumn 2014

Trip notes: Summer in the Snowy Mountains
Walks leader training; Bushwalking etiquette; What happens when a walk is cancelled?
Vale Barbara Guest
Stories: Six degrees of Separation under a Gum Tree; Birdwatching in Bhutan; Facelift for Grand Old Icon, the Hydro Majestic

Summer 2013-4

Trip notes: Dolomites, Mt Blanc…and More; This is Summer? Walking in the Austrian Alps
Words of Warning: If in doubt – check with leader; On Walking Pace…
Stories: Conscript Pass Thornleigh
Book Reviews: The Gardens of Stone National Park and Beyond Volume 4, Michael Keats and Brian Fox
700th member comes through the door

Spring 2013

President's report from 2013 AGM
Committee members 2013-4
Stories: Garrawarra Hospital; Chip off the Old Block - John B S Hungerford (‘B’ for Blaxland)
Book Reviews: Understanding the Weather, John Martyn, STEP Inc.; Top Walks of NSW, Ken Eastwood
Trip notes: Walking in Italy; The Case of the Dribbling Leopard – Walking in Namibia and Botswana; Cotswold Way from both ends; Australia’s longest Climb
Interview: Morrie Donovan…a man who loves wild water

Winter 2013

Trip notes: Up and down Mt Kinabalu, Borneo: Wollemi NP - Henry Creek Pass to Rock Island; Tales from the Coast to Coast
Interview: Melissa Newman
Stories: The people you meet…; 200 years and just as spectacular - crossing the Blue Mountains; Ghosts of Pulpit Hill; Superman and Lois Lane Get the Gong; How would this look in the tourist brochures? - from El Camino
75 National Parks…here we come

Autumn 2013

Trip Notes: The Dolomites; Across the Alps from Germany; England's Coast-to-Coast
Book Review: The Gardens of Stone National Park and Beyond Volume 2 By Michael Keats and Brian Fox
Stories: Pleasure Trove of memories - The Garden of Peace at Stanwell Tops; Humble histories of the safety match, tea and call of the cooee
Vale: Trude Kallir, Bill Capon, Peter Caldwell
Interview: Carol Henderson

Summer 2012 - 2013

Track Notes: Holbeachs Descent
Stories: Bushfire - teenagers' nightmare; Tarro's ladders - rung above the rest
Events: Bush Club 73rd birthday party; and coming - Our Diamond Jubilee
Re-think on snakebite treatment
Trip Notes: Bush Odyssey - 12-day trip to Kosciuszko

Spring 2012

Trip Notes: Luxury in the Pyrenees (Etchers) - separate tales from weeks (groups) 1 and 2
Interview: Cynthia Brew
A bit about Lockley Pylon
Does size matter? Well, height does… How high is Mt Kosciuszko?
The good old bad days - Firearms in the Blue Gum Forest

Winter 2012

Trip Notes: Across the Alps; Exploring the Scenic Rim; Kosciuszko NP - Orange Hawkweed Eradication Program
Interview: Ray Mathieson
Book review: The Gardens of Stone NP and Beyond by Michael Keats and Brian Fox
Stories of new Life members: Ron Mead, Pam Orgam, Marion Woof, Lena Willemse, Alan Mewett
A brief history of the Blue Gum Forest - Bushwalkers' Mecca

Autumn 2012

Track Notes: Landslide Gully
Trip Notes: West Highland Way and Great Glen Way (3 groups - 3 versions)
Interview: Adrian Cooper
Marie Byles' birthday

Summer 2011 - 2012 (2.4Mb)

Track Notes: Wild Dog Wanderings - in search of Granite Falls
Trip Notes: Kokoda Track; In Patagonia
Interview: George Daniel
Recollections of Wilf Hilder

Spring 2011 (2.0Mb)

Final President's Report from outgoing Bush Club President Bob Taffel
Track Notes: Grand Traverse - Greenstone and Routeburn tracks, South Island, New Zealand
Interview: Ken Lowe
Vale Wilf Hilder
Results of membership survey re Walks Reports in our newsletter

Winter 2011

Track notes: Survival on Tasmania's South Track; (And a different perspective); Croajingalong National park
Book Review: Field Guide to the Bushland of the Lane Cove Valley
Snakes above the snowline in Kosciuszko National Park
True Tales of a tail
Vale Keith Morris

Autumn 2011

Trip notes: Cape-to-Cape Walk - South Western Australia: A walk in Nepal
Interview: Michael Keats and Steve Murray
Vale Penny Lewarne and Terry Davis
Bushwalking books: Field Guide to the Bushland of the Lane Cove Valley; Shoalhaven and Illawarra Bushwalking Guide

Summer 2010-2011

Track notes: Mt Airly Trip notes: Larapinta
Interview: Brian Corlis
Book review: Paddling around NSW

Spring 2010

Awards for Life Members: Arthur Cunningham; Trude Kallri; Jim Lawler; Heather Roy; Ray Mathieson
Trip notes: Kilimajaro Trek
Interview: Alan Mewett

Winter 2010

About dehydration
Changes to walks' requirements and gradings
Track notes: Croagingalong walk; Murdoch's Creek to Baal Bone Point via Coco Creek; Parramatta River Walk
Notes on a Wild Aid First Aid course
Interview: Bill Macks

Autumn 2010

Three perspectives of El Camino de Santiago
Maureen's Meander to Melbourne (MMM) section 12
Bush Club Insurance Policies
Kelly Rees' bushwalking books for loan
Book 'review': The Upper Grose Valley - Bushwalkers' Business
Vale Ruth Milton

Summer 2009-2010

Bush Club's 70th Birthday celebration
Trip notes: Japan's Kita Alps
Interview: Dave Dash
Leeches and their use in medicine
TIE walks: what are they?

Spring 2009

Details for the 70th birthday celebration
More bushwalking etiquette
First Aid in the bush
Calling for help [Navigational points and pointers]
Training day notes: Abseiling day
Track notes: A wet walk in the Wild Dogs - Splendour Rock
Interview: Pam and Jim Lawler
MMM Stage 15: Sussex Inlet to Burrill Lake
Vale Vi Giles

Winter 2009

Safety in the bush
Trip notes: Maureen's Meander to Melbourne (MMM) - Nadgee Howe Wilderness Walk
Hunting in State Forests
Interview: Trude Kallir
Book Review: The Passes of Narrow Neck
Your first pack walk

Autumn 2009

Trip notes: Edenderry Falls and Edenderry Pool
The Joys of Canyons (Liloing down the Wollongambe)
Interview: Zol Bodlay
Walking notes: Popran National Park (South Section)
Vale Jim McCabe


Summer 2008/2009

The joy of leading a walk (By a first time leader)
Vale Beth Radford
Trip notes:South Korea - a walking and cultural adventure; Gourmet tavellers in Pays Basque - a week at 'Etchers'
Walk descriptions: Walks into History - Mt Solitary and Miners Pass, Rennies Tunnel and the Aerial Walkway, Lions Head and Kedumba Homestead, Airly and Torbane shale mining areas, Lost City, Marrangaroo Creek; Mt Murray Anderson or 'Neil's Nose'

Winter 2008

Interview: Mike Pratt
Bushwalking etiquette
Changes to our abseiling policy
Trip notes: Tasmanian adventures
Vale Pearl Gillott and Henry Roda

Autumn 2008

Interview: Pam Organ
Track Tales: Otford to Bundeena
Vale Pat Lane and Margaret Cunningham

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