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Our walks

A wide variety of bushwalks is included in our program. The walks include:

  • walks any day of the week, many accessible by public transport
  • an average of over 30 walks each month
  • easy - hard day walks, from city strolls to off-track explorations
  • easy - hard pack walks from single overnighters to several days
  • occasional liloing down Blue Mountains canyons, kayaking, cycling
  • interstate and overseas walking trips
  • base camp and accommodated walking trips

We also offer leader training, navigation and first aid courses

To show you the range of walks we offer:

Click here to download our current quarterly Walks program

Note these do not include contact or meeting details. The full program is available only to financial members.

The sample also does not display all the walks which will be available during the season. Many are added or changed at short notice after the program is first published. See above - For members

The program for members

A Walks Program setting out the details of forthcoming walks is issued as a pdf to members every three months, by email or print copy. It is part of the quarterly newsletter.

There is also an online program which is updated regularly.

After publication of the quarterly newsletter, leaders can add walks to the program or change details of advertised walks. These changes to the program are sent to members via email twice weekly and added to the online walks program.

A link to the online program is given at the top of every update email. Only financial members (full and prospective) are sent this link. The link can be added as a favourite or a bookmark to a browser or smartphone, and will always point to to the latest version of the program.

Grading of walks

Each walk is given a rating 1-6 by the leader of that walk. Within The Bush Club, there are some further qualifiers that are used, in addition to the walk grading, to help describe and define the type and style of the walk.

The 'Route & Description' column explains any special difficulties or features on a walk.

Click here to download a pdf of the guidelines

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Walking with the Bush Club - what you can expect

For any walk, the volunteer leader:

  • sets the grade, route and pace of the walk;
  • is entitled to inquire about the capacity of a member to complete the walk as planned; and
  • is understanding, helpful and supportive on the track.

In return, participating members are expected to:

  • have the ability to complete the walk as described;
  • be self reliant (in respect to water, food, first aid, navigation, clothing, etc); and
  • be a participative and co-operative member of the group.

With experience gained in club walks it is expected that members will eventually become walks leaders and/or officebearers.


If you would like to join one of our walks, please check our Become a member page, read our guidelines and contact our Membership Secretary. We'd love to have you join us.


Walks are arranged so that members can use public transport whenever practicable and often this is the most convenient way to travel to and from walks.

Transport sharing costs

When public transport is not practicable, members' cars are used; leaders organise car-sharing arrangements and costs are shared according to a recommended formula.

Click here for the current formula.

Training Programs

Map-reading and bush navigation

Instruction in map-reading and bush navigation using map and compass is provided on occasional training days and weekends. Experienced leaders are happy to pass on their knowledge of bushcraft.

First Aid courses

The club reimburses half the cost of a certified First Aid training course to all members and the full cost for leaders. Dates and details for these courses are included in the walks program.

Leadership Training days

These are run regularly by club leaders.

You don't need to do these before you become a leader.

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1. A visitor may participate in any Bush club activity as the guest of a full financial member, who must also be participating in that activity and who will assume full responsibility for the guest's ability to participate and complete the activity.

2. Prior to the activity the member must contact the leader and seek permission on behalf of the guest. The leader has the sole discretion as to whether permission is granted.

3. The full member and guest must sign a waiver form 'Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligations of Visitors'.


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