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Updated 12 November 2019

Gardens of Stone: Cathedral Cave and Diamond Chamber 8 November 2019

Kyushu, Japan: Day walks in autumn Kyushu 20 October 2019

80L Central Coast Cycle: Norah Head - North Lakes 17 July 2019

Garigal NP: Upper Middle Harbour Loop 5 November 2019

Gordon to Chatswood via Lane Cove NP 1 November 2019

80L Kyushu, Japan 20 October to Sat 2 November 2019

Blackheath: Hanging Rock 30 October 2019

Bantry Bay / Manly Dam circuit 29 October 2019

Ben Bullen SF: From Heaven to Hell and back 26 October 2019

80L Tracks above the Grose Leura Ridges 20 October 2019

80L Carlons to Coxs River loop 19 October 2019

80L Cycle Wolli Creek circuit 15 October 2019

Another Helensburgh circuit 22 October 2019

St Ives Chase to St Ives 21 October 2019

80L Lindfield to Bantry Bay 22 October 2019

Engadine, Lucas Heights, Barden Ridge Circuit 26 Sep 2019

Maitland Bay Circuit 14 October 2019

80L Blue Mountains NP: Blaxland to Springwood July 2019 - report and more photos added

Huntley's Point to Commandment Rock 12 October 2019

Bush Club 80th birthday party Lane Cove NP 12 October 2019

Lindfield to Commandment Rock 12 October 2019

Thornleigh to Commandment Rock 12 October 2019

Glenbrook - Red Hands Cave 30 September 2019

Munmorah SCA 5 October 2019

Yengo NP: Mogo Camp to Mt Lockyer 5 October 2019

Cowan to Berowra 1 October 2019

Roseville to St Ives 28 September 2019

80L Cook's River : Tempe, Cook's River Cycleway 10 Sep 2019 - new report

Valley of the Waters to Sublime Point 15 September 2019

Taronga Zoo to Balmoral 26 September 2019

80L GNW overnighter: Thornleigh to Cowan 7/8 Sep 2019

80L Japan: North Alps 3 - 18 September 2019

80L Epping Station to Eastwood Station April 2019

Kincumber Mountain Reserve 24 September 2019

Hornsby Heights to Mt Kuring-gai 21 September 2019

Lane Cove River Circuit 17 September 2019

Mt Victoria: Kanimbla Escarpment tracks 16 September 2019

80L Muogamarra NR 7 September 2019 - more photos + report

Mt Victoria historic roads 15 September 2019

Mt Kuring-gai to St Ives 11 September 2019

Narrabeen to Moon Rock 9 September 2019

Mt Victoria: Four Heads 11 September 2019

Port Kembla Circuit 11 September 2019

Turramurra - Bobbin Head circuit 6 September 2019

Bundeena to Little Marley 7 September 2019

Pindar Cave 9 September 2019

Strickland State Forest 4 September 2019 - more photos

Chatswood to North Ryde July 2019

West Head: Flowers, Lookouts and Old Tracks August 2019

80L Bidjigal Reserve & Surrounding Areas July 2019 report added

Cowan to Berowra August 2019

Taronga Zoo to Manly (Balmoral) August 2019

Waterfall to Loftus August 2019

80L Greenwich Point to Fullers Bridge August 2019 more photos

Berowra to Mt Kuring-gai via Bobbin Head August 2019

Kanangra Boyd NP: Barraliers Crown August 2019

Mt Kuring-gai to Cowan August 2019

Wahroonga to Mt Colah August 2019

Woy Woy to Patonga August 2019

Crosslands to Mt Kuring-gai August 2019

80L Sydney Harbour: Wollstonecraft to Edgecliff August 2019

80L Greenwich Point to Fullers Bridge, Chatswood August 2019

Woy Woy to Spion Kop August 2019

Warrumbungles August 2019

Inner West Wandering August 2019

80L Capertee valley: Pantoney's Crown July 2019

80L Ireland - Kerry Way June 2019 - poem added

80L Royal NP: Otford to Bundeena August 2019

Asquith Bobbin Head loop August 2019

Helensburgh circuit July 2019 - more photos

Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay July 2019

Mt Murray Anderson July 2019

Empire Bay to Wagstaffe July 2019

Traverse of Mt Solitary July 2019

Delights of Narrowneck July 2019

Walls Lookout and Rigby Hill off Bells Line of Road July2019

Chatswood to Huntley's Point July 2019

Mt Kuring-gai to Hornsby July 2019

Wollongambe Crater overnighter July 2019

Garigal NP: Middle Harbour Circuit July 2019

Wentworth Falls: Vera and Hippocrene tracks July 2019 - more

Royal NP: Waterfall to Palona Cave July 2019

80L Castle Head, Redledge Pass, Devils Hole July 2019

Thornleigh to Carlingford July 2019

Narrowneck lookouts and side tracks July 2019 - more photos

Gooch's Crater and beyond July 2019

80L Royal National Park: Otford Circuit July 2019

Turramurra to Beecroft July 2019

Taronga Zoo to Manly July 2019

Hornsby to Hornsby via Crosslands July 2019 - more photos

Berowra to Brooklyn July 2019

Blackheath - Grand Canyon circuit July 2019

80L Grose Valley Rim Walk - 21 Lookouts June 2019

80L Huntleys Point to Meadowbank Wharf June 2019

80L Blackheath to Hanging Rock & return June 2019

80L North Bexley to Tempe May 2019

80L Berowra Valley NP: Hornsby to Thornleigh May 2019

80L Parramatta area: The Ponds and Hunts Creek May 2019

80L Turramurra to Beecroft April 2019 - report added

80L Leura to Blue Gum Forest and return May 2019

80L Sydney Cycle under the Stars May 2019

80L Kurnell to Cronulla April 2019

80L Syndicate Ridge - day walk in New England area April 2019

80L Faulconbridge to the Grose River May 2019

80L Katoomba to Ruined Castle and return May 2019

80L Royal NP and Garawarra SCA: Helensburgh Circuit April 2019

80L Taronga Zoo to Manly May 2019

80L Royal NP: Heathcote circuit March 2019

80L Royal NP: Heathcote to Bundeena April 2019

80L Newcastle: Belmont to Newcastle Cycling Trails April 2019

80L Garigal NP: Currie Road to Ferguson St May 2019

80L Morton NP: Yadboro River area April 2019

80L Garigal NP: Narrabeen to Moon Rock circuit April 2019

80L Garigal NP: Roseville Bridge to Seaforth Oval April 2019

80L Blue Mountains NP: Pierces Pass to Blue Gum Forest & return March 2019

80L Cowan GNW to T-intersection and back April 2019

80L Orange Central West: Three Peaks Walk April 2019

80L Exploring the Ophir Goldfields April 2019

80L Blue Mountains NP: Gooch's Crater and Beyond April 2019

80L St Ives Wild Flower Garden to Terrey Hills April 2019

80L Bouddi NP: Maitland Bay Circuit April 2019

80L Kosciuszko NP: Australia's Highest Points April 2019

80L Lane Cove NP: Epping to Wahroonga April 2019

80L Chiswick Wharf to Rhodes 1 April 2019

80L Kosciuszko NP: North/South Traverse March 2019

80L Garigal NP: Belrose to Moon Rock April 2019

80L Octogenarian Odyssey: Thornleigh to Epping March 2019

80L Lane Cove National Park: Chatswood Figure 8 March 2019

80L Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: Berowra to Wahroonga March 2019

80L Sydney Harbour: Taronga Zoo Wharf to Artarmon Station March 2019

80L Falls Creek - Mt Nelse, Ropers Hut, Spion Kopje March 2019

80L Central to Rozelle Bay 14 March 2019

80L Kosciuszko NP: Main Range circuit March 2019

80L Kosciuszko NP: Thredbo valley track March 2019

80L Garigal NP: St. Ives to Lindfield 23rd February 2019

80L Kosciuszko NP Sawpit Creek: Waterfall & Pallaibo tracks March 2019

80L Heathcote NP: Lake Eckersley & Mirang Pool March 2019

80L Narrabeen Lagoon to Mona Vale March 2019

80L Cowan: Taffy's Rock March 2019

80L Faulconbridge to Springwood December 2018

80L Bouddi NP: Wagstaffe to Copacabana February 2019

80L Shaw's Ridge- Grose Mountain- Blue Gum Swamp Feb 2019

80L Heathcote NP: Kingdom Come (Boobera Pool) January 2019

80L Turramurra to Wahroonga via Bobbin Head February 2019

80L Barrington Tops NP February 2019

80L Cowan Creek: North Turramurra to Mt Ku-ring-gai Jan 2019

80L Royal NP: Waterfall to Heathcote February 2019

80L Garigal National Park: Lindfield to Belrose February 2019

80L Ku-ring-gai Chase NP: North Turramurra to Mt Kuring-gai February 2019

80L Northern Beaches: North Head circuit February 2019


On The Pilot - AAWT November 2006
On The Pilot - AAWT November 2006
Photo : Paul Fredrickson
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