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The Yuraygir Coastal Walk

You may or may not be aware of this walk. It is a multi-day walk in northern NSW, stretching 65km from Angourie (near Yamba) south to Red Rock (near Coffs Harbour). It has been open since about 2011, running the length of NSW’s largest coastal reserve, the Yuraygir National Park. It also travels parallel to much of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Given this land tenure, the walk travels through the largest undeveloped section of the NSW coast, with its unique coastal ecosystem values well protected.

The walk traverses beautiful sandy beaches, rocky platforms, headlands, estuaries, rivers, wetlands, heathland and forests. It offers superb scenery of rugged coastal landscapes and encounters with diverse ecological communities and unique assemblages of flora and fauna.

The walk is relatively easy in terms of navigation, terrain and distances, with a number of river crossings and end-to-end logistics to organise. Getting to the area is relatively simple from much of east coast Australia.

Yuraygir Walking Experiences

In 2015, my partner Gina and I established Yuraygir Walking Experiences ( - a small, independent and locally run business that assists anyone with an interest in doing this lovely walk. We offer a wide range of assistance options to walkers, from basic logistics support and track advice, through to fully guided and catered walks.

We have been living in this beautiful area for over 15 years. We are highly qualified people who have worked for many years in conservation related roles, with Gina still working part time as a Ranger with National Parks and Wildlife Service. 

I manage the business and we both work as guides. We have solid connections with local Aboriginal knowledge holders whom we also connect with on guided walks. We therefore offer valuable local and in depth knowledge of the track, and the history, ecology and culture of this unique part of Australia.

We are happy to share our knowledge of this great walk with like-minded people, and through building this business, we are pleased to be providing several jobs for others in our small community.

We have received wonderful praise from many of those who have tackled the walk with us (

Conservation Aims

A key aim in setting up this business is to raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of the protection of coastal ecosystems, but also to achieve conservation outcomes through the progressive purchase and appropriate management of high conservation value land in the region. We have commenced searching for appropriate land parcels and future profits will be directed towards these ends (

You can of course learn more about us on our website, follow us on our Facebook page, and contact us directly from either. There is a growing number of lovely images from the walk on our Instagram page, and if you would like to sign up for our seasonal newsletter, please let me know.

I am happy to offer any further information interested people might seek about this walk.

Kind regards,

Adrian Deville

Manager | Guide

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