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Notes for leaders


  1. Provide an accurate description of the walk, taking into account the intended walkers’ abilities (see notes on pace below}.

  2. Pre-walk the route if possible taking note of any potential difficulties and morning tea and lunch spots. If you wish to do a recce for a walk, you will be covered by Bush Club insurance if you notify the Walks Secretary by email beforehand and have a total of at least 2 Bush Club members on the walk.

  3. Try and have an alternate plan in case of unforeseen circumstances. e.g. flash flooding, track erosion, transport changes etc.

  4. Choose areas and walk levels that are within your capabilities as a leader.

  5. Leave comprehensive details of the walk with a reliable person including instructions on what to do if you do not return at the expected time.

  6. A few days prior to walk check transport details, expected weather conditions and in summer, fire conditions, park closures etc. All day walks must be held unless conditions are unsafe.

Click here to download complete Notes for Leaders as a pdf.

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