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Notes for leaders

CONDITIONS for holding a walk

  1. All day walks must be held unless conditions are unsafe.
  2. A minimum of four (4), including leader, is required for a Club walk. If fewer than four, including leader, a walk, if continued, is not an official club activity.
  3. To be covered by insurance all bush walks conducted under the auspices of the Bush Club must either be listed on the regular Bush Club or Short Notice Programs. For any other unpublished change eg a change of route, a second leader, contact with the Walks Secretary or a committee member must be made prior to the walk commencing in order to ensure insurance coverage.
  4. The leader must advise the cancellation of a walk via the online program. This can be done without waiting for the update email.
    • The Leader has no responsibility to turn up at the start of a walk if a cancellation notice has been recorded with the online program, even for a non-contact walk.
    • Before the walk is cancelled, the leader should try to find a substitute (list available from the online program) or advertise for one in the Program updates email (contact
    • An alternative walk can also be offered if there is a substitute leader who is not familiar with the original walk.
    • Some of the more difficult walks cannot have leader substitutes. In such cases these walks should be listed as Contact Leader Walks and all members notified that the walk has been cancelled.
  5. Joint walks can be listed on the Bush Club program, but only if they are held in conjunction with another club that is affiliated with the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs, and holds appropriate insurances (check at ). If this is not the case, the activity cannot be listed as a Bush Club event.


    are expected to phone the leader before attending any walk: they are advised to commence with Grade 2 or easier grade 3 walks if new to bushwalking, to work up to qualifying walks.


    may take part in walks only if invited by a full member (who must be present on the walk) and subject to the leader’s prior approval. Approval should be requested by the member, not the visitor. A leader has the right to refuse to take visitors on walks. Visitors will be granted temporary club membership to enable them to take part in the activity, after signing the Guest Waiver form (this can be printed from the For Leaders web page as part of the Walk Report form).

Click here to download complete Notes for Leaders as a pdf.

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