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Dealing with a critical incident

(Advice for critical incidents when club trip resources have been exhausted - assumption that member is seriously injured)

  • In NSW our Police are the emergency service in charge of rescue.
  • Rescue cannot start until a message is sent to emergency services via "triple zero" (000)
  • Appropriate First Aid (as per recognised training) needs to be offered to the injured member until emergency services arrive. Other members need to 'prepare to survive'.
  • Before calling "000" make notes of your (Grid Reference) location and the member injuries / details.
  • The smart phone App "Emergency +" can give a Latitude / Longitude location, provided that you have mobile phone coverage, for emergency services. Download from
  • Always ask for "Police", when you call "000", even when you have an injured member. Police will better understand your bushwalker location.
  • Speak slowly to "000" Operator. All phone calls are recorded and can be played back.
  • ALL emergency services are required to communicate incidents to each other.
  • A PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) distress beacon is an alarm for life threatening injuries only.
  • However, a PLB is your last (NOT first) resort when emergency services cannot be contacted by mobile phone. A PLB sends an alarm for assistance but cannot state particular injuries as you can with a mobile phone. The club has a PLB for members to borrow. Click here to find out how.
  • Helicopters are often sent for remote area rescue. Use large splashes of colour, shape, contrast and movement to attract rescue helicopters.
  • Do NOT stand under the powerful "downwash" of modern helicopters. Broken bones are possible from dislodged branches.
  • Downwash can also blow away loose items such as hats and fire coals that can then potentially be sucked into a helicopter engine. Engine stall and crash can happen.

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