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Walk Notes for all walkers

Every member needs to be aware that there can be many risks with bushwalking, and sometimes the consequences can be severe. We have been reminded of this quite recently with some quite serious incidents that have occurred. It is appropriate to emphasise that while all of us participate as independent walkers, there are certain obligations that it is essential we follow, without exception.

If in doubt – check with leader

In choosing to join a walk, you are agreeing to abide by the leader’s decisions, accept the leader’s judgment, and follow the leader’s directions without objection, argument or complaint.  Do not hassle or badger the leader. If you are uncertain about your capacity to complete the walk, then you should check with the leader beforehand, and if in any doubt, don't go.

The leader has enough to do establishing the route, keeping the group together and completing the walk without constant advice, questioning and dispute from others. If you have a problem with this, don't go on the walk.

Come adequately prepared with everything you may need for the walk. On any day walk, you must have sufficient water, suitable protection as necessary (hat, long trousers, rain jacket, etc) in addition to other safety gear. The leader does not carry this for you. You should at least carry a first aid kit, matches and torch (remember any day walk can turn unexpectedly into a night walk, and our night vision deteriorates with age).

The leader is entitled to question you about what you have with you, and refuse to take you if you are inadequately equipped.

Recent incidents have also highlighted the need for closer control on the size of walking groups. There do need to be limits on numbers on walks in national parks, and also on any walk where there is an off track component. The committee is looking at the appropriate limits on numbers, so expect to see all of such walks as requiring prior contact with the leader.

Bush Club Emergency Medical Form

There is a Bush Club Emergency Medical Form for the benefit of our members. There are spaces on the form to list your name, address, phone number, medical conditions, allergies, medications, vehicle make, model, rego, and colour of your car as well as your emergency contacts. The form would be kept in your first aid kit and would only be accessed by your leader or their delegate and, in case of an accident or medical incident, the information would then be given to medical and/or emergency service personnel.

Please take the time to download and read the more detailed notes below. And remember: our leaders are all volunteers. Without them there would be no walks. Help them to enjoy themselves on their walks.


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