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Submitting a walk

What to include

  • Decide on the grade and if it should be a qualifying walk. Use the Grading guide - click here to view or download.
  • In the Description column, include any special features or difficulties of the walk
    • special terrain including off-track, creek crossings,
    • large/steep ascents and descents or exposure
    • for pack walks, a combination of grades/descriptions or the highest grade of walk on the trip
    • a pace description e.g. 'slow pace', 'brisk pace' or 'experienced walkers only' if you want that
    • if the walk is exploratory (this can only be in higher grades)
    • limits on numbers eg in national parks, wilderness areas or for logistical reasons
    • map or book reference
    • joint walk details
    • any other special variations eg “Stops to look at views, flowers”
  • In the Meeting column, put meeting details only if you do not need walkers (apart from Prospectives) to contact you first. Otherwise put 'Contact leader'.
    You could include notes such as "Club cars needed for car shuffle", 'Will meet train' etc
  • In the Leader column, put your preferred method of contact first or mark it as preferred.

Submit a new walk online

Updates are sent out via email to members and added to the online program generally twice a week. Allow extra time if the walk is Grade 4 or higher.

After the closing date for submissions for the printed program (see Diary Dates or walks program) all contributors will be sent a draft program to double check your entries and allow you to make changes due to clashes etc.

You can also send in walks for the printed program:

  1. by email to;
  2. by SMS to 0408 655 595
  3. by letter post to PO Box 3079, Regents Park, NSW 2143

Click here to download more details on what to include in a walk submission.

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