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Print a selection or the whole program

The selection could be a whole row, column, a single cell, a block or the whole program.

For instance, if you want to print just a line or section from the program to talk with you on a walk.

1. Select

  • a single cell eg the one containing the description, by clicking in it
  • a row by dragging the cursor across the row
  • more than one cell or row by clicking on the first one, then dragging the pointer across and down all that you want to copy.
  • the entire program without extra blank columns or rows

    The selection will be outlined in or coloured blue

2. Click the word File (under the heading Bush Club Current Walks Program), then Print (or just click the Printer icon)

3. In the resulting pop-up box, click Selection, then OK

4. In Internet Explorer or Firefox (and probably other browsers) you should get a box or a line asking whether you want to open or save the Current Bush Club Walks Program. Choose Open.

5. Your selection will open as a pdf which you can then print in the usual way.

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