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Add the Walks Program link to your Favourites or Bookmarks in your computer internet browser

  1. Click on the link that is sent to you in the Walks Program updates email to go to the walks program online

  2. Then in:

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Add to Favorites button (you might have to click Favorites first).
  2. Type a new name for the page if you want to, specify the folder that the favorite should be created in, and then click Add.


  1. Click on the word Favorites in the bar at the top of the Window
  2. Select Add to Favorites Bar to put an easy-to-find tab near the top of your browser window


  1. To create a bookmark, click on the star icon in the Location bar. The star will turn yellow and a bookmark for the page you're on will be created in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder.
  2. To edit the details of your bookmark, click the star a second time and the Edit This Bookmark box will appear.
  3. Choose the folder to store your bookmark in by picking one from the drop-down menu (for example, the Bookmarks Menu puts it on a list or Bookmarks Toolbar puts it on a tag at the top of the window).
  4. Click Done

Google Chrome

The easiest way to create a bookmark for the page you're on is to click the Star icon in the address bar. The name of the page and the location will already be chosen. Click Done.

For more details, go to the Help section on Bookmarks or Favourites in your browser.

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