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Becoming a member:

Membership Fees

Fees are based on a single membership. The fees currently are:

Prospective members

Prospective membership fees per person vary according to joining date. (All expire on 30th June but may be renewed on payment of a further annual fee.)

Prospective member fee (includes $15 joining fee):

  • $40 if joining between 1 June & 31 December (incl.) - valid until 30 June the following year
  • $30 if joining between 1 January & 31 May (incl.)


  • $25 if renewing a prospective membership

Prospective members may apply for full membership at any time after completing three qualifying walks (designated M in the walks program).

The prospective joining fee paid includes membership to 30th June.

Full Membership

Annual Subscription for full year ending 30th June (renewal due 1st July) - $25

A reminder is sent to all members by email or letter before the end of June.

For further information phone the Membership Secretary, go to Contact us

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