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Becoming a member:

Qualifying walks for prospective members

Prospective Members become eligible to apply for full membership by satisfactorily completing three membership qualifying walks. These are walks specifically designated as such with a "M" on the Walks Schedule. They are Grade 3 or higher, but not all grade 3 walks are qualifiers. Check the gradings guide as well when you look at the program.

Three qualfiying walks must be completed within the 12 months prior to application for full membership, irrespective of the number of any other walks done before that.

Prospective members MUST CONTACT the leader of any walk before attending it to obtain his or her permission.

Prospective members are responsible for keeping records of their qualifying walks, which must be walked in the 12 months immediately prior to application for full membership.

Occasionally a walk does not attract enough walkers (4) to be an official club walk. In that case it will not be counted as a qualifying walk. You can still go on the walk if the leader decides to go ahead.

All Prospective memberships expire on 30th June and we hope that Prospective Members will qualify for full membership by that date. However, if necessary they may renew their prospective membership for a further twelve months on payment of the annual prospective membership fee of $25.

The Club recommends that Prospective Members take extra time and build up their level of fitness required by first going on a series of easier walks, not necessarily qualifying walks, rather than attempting walks that may be beyond their capabilities. The Membership Secretary will be happy to suggest a program of easier walks from the Schedule if asked to do so.

Prospective Members should recognise that bushwalking is a fairly strenuous activity; people who have not been exercising regularly or who have a medical condition affecting their fitness are urged to consult their doctor before walking with us.

Qualifying walks record:

Download one of the following to keep a record of your walks.

Print only pdf | Editable Word doc (if this doesn't appear on your screen check the Desktop taskbar for your word-processor button. Save the file to your computer then you will be able to edit it.)

For further phone the Membership Secretary: Contact us

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