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Membership renewal

Renew your Bush Club membership for the coming year.

The fees for the year ending 30th June 2018 are $25 per member.

Your fee includes personal accident insurance (partial cover for members aged 85-95) subject to the terms of the policy arranged for clubs affiliated with Bushwalking NSW Inc. It does not cover private activities organised by individual members which have not been approved by the Committee as a Club activity.

Accordingly, members aged 85 and over should deduct $5 per member from the scheduled fees on renewal.

Cheques or Money Orders should be payable to ‘The Bush Club Inc.

Please make your EFT or cheque payment before you fill in this form. We don't have Credit Card or BPay facilities.

If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to Bush Club Inc and mail to

P.O. Box 207
Milsons Point NSW 1565

Our bank details for the EFT are:

Westpac Bank
BSB: 032087
Account Number: 163369
Account name: The Bush Club Inc.

Please submit a separate online form for each person, even if there are more than one in the same household. You can make a combined payment.

Please check (a) or (b) or (c)

(a) I DO NOT wish to renew my membership

(b) I wish to renew my FULL membership

(c) I wish to renew my PROSPECTIVE membership

I have been a member in the past but my membership has lapsed.

If you don't wish to renew could you tell us why?

Please just fill in your name and address below and also tick the last box (required) down the bottom so the form will go through

Given Name
Family Name

Year of birth (optional) This is just to help us get an idea of who is interested in walking with the Bush Club. Click here to view our Privacy Policy

Annual membership fee

$25 or $20 for members aged 85 or over (Please advise date of birth)

Donation (optional)

$ Conservation Fund : The Bush Club gives small annual donations or subscribes to selected conservation organisations.

$ Bush Club

Total amount $

Payment method


Date of EFT



Bush Club EFT details at top of this page
When transferring funds you MUST include your name in the box which will appear on the Bush Club bank statement. If the transfer is made at your local bank, this is not always possible. You should immediately email all the details to Barbara at

Please make the EFTor cheque payment BEFORE you send this form and put your full name in the Description box on the EFT form

Date cheque posted

Cheque number

Cheques should be made payable to Bush Club Inc and mailed to:

PO Box 3079
Regents Park NSW 2143

** This must be ticked**

Click here to view the Risk acknowledgement form (Close the window to return here)

I have read the Risk Acknowledgement form and accept its conditions

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