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80 Leaders Report

This is the form for your extra report to be included in the Bush Club's 80th birthday publication.

It doesn't replace the ordinary brief report which goes into the Completed Walks section of the program. Please send that in as usual.

You need to fill in all the boxes. You can copy and paste the text from the program for some of the boxes.

Walk leader

Day/s and date/s of walk

Please use the format: Wednesday 12 December 2018

Walk area

Walk title

Walk description from program, excluding map



Type across the box, separating the names with a comma and space.

Walk report (up to 600 words)

Best to type up and edit your report and then copy and paste it into here. The space will expand to fit your report.


Please send up to 6 photos - one of the group, one with a feature from the walk - to Jacqui at .

The photos should be in .jpg format, with resolution up to about 5 Mb). Don't try to reduce them before you send. Send in separate emails if they total over 15MB.

For enquiries about your report or photos, email Roy at

Required boxes

Make sure you fill in all the required boxes. If you submit the form without doing this, you will get an error message saying what you have missed.

If it worked you'll get a thank you!!


You can select and delete text without starting again.

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