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Walk submission form

This form is for ALL walk program submissions.

Please note that updates with Grade 4 or higher might take a couple of days to get approval before they're published.

If you want to make a CHANGE to an existing walk, click HERE.

Editting what you've written

When you have submitted your walk, scroll up to near the top of the response page and look for the options to EDIT YOUR RESPONSE or SEND IN ANOTHER ONE.

If you choose to edit, you'll be returned to your original submission to see what you've written. You can change any section. Then click SUBMIT again.

When your walk is submitted, you'll see a link to a table allowing you to check your submission. Yours will be at the bottom (latest). You can still edit this if you return to the previous page (Thank you...) using the tabs at the top of your browser window.

If you want to CHANGE A PREVIOUS SUBMISSION or it's too late to use the 'Edit your response' option, click HERE:
and fill in the brief details. If that doesn't work, send an email to (for updates) or . Make sure you identify which walk you're changing.

Keeping a record of what you've sent

One way to keep a record of your walks is to write them up in a document first and save them for next time. Then copy the text into the form (use Ctrl+V) once you're sure it's right. Text can be copied into the form from any other sources eg emails, integrated program, word documents, spreadsheet cells.

Another way is to use the 'Completed Walks' section of the program as your record. Details can be copied from any cell of the program into the boxes in the form.

Required boxes

Make sure you fill in all the required boxes, marked with *. If you submit the form without doing this, the form will remain on your screen with the required boxes outlined in red.

If you have any problems using the form, or any comments to make about the form, please email

For enquiries about your walks, email the Updates Co-ordinator

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