Leader: Carole Beales

Garigal NP: Narrabeen to Moon Rock circuit

22 April 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Ian Evans



Carole Beales, Debby Ryan, Kumiko Suzuki, Virginia Riley, Jennie Kelso, Frans De Wilde, Jenny De Wilde, John Hungerford, Jonathan Trope, Rosine Bates, Geoff Bates, Jenny Putt, Jolan Cikos, Tom Halbert, Anne Corbett, Ian Evans & Prospectives Roger Park & Linda Lyon

Walk description:

From Narrabeen tramshed B1 bus stop to Deep Creek & Slippery Dip firetrail to Moon Rock for lunch. Return via model aircraft aerodrome & Deep Creek. Map: CMA Mona Vale & Hornsby


As we gathered at the Tram shed the leader began to wonder if she had enough chocolate treats for morning tea on Easter Monday! The group was a lovely mix of long term members, new members and prospectives and we were blessed with perfect weather for a very pleasant walk.

The group followed the Narrabeen Lagoon Circuit to Deep Creek where we enjoyed the dappled sunlight coming through the trees as we made our way along the banks. Morning tea was at the waterfall which was flowing well. Not everyone likes chocolate? Unusual but true, luckily! Chocolate frogs in this setting seemed much more appropriate than Easter eggs.

We watched several mountain bike riders wheel their bikes down a steep track. Only the last was game to ride down and those at the front of the group missed him! He managed to land on his wheels. Better than TV.

From there we picked up and followed the Slippery Dip Fire trail. At the junction we were treated to a chorus of the most beautiful bird song. Both wattle birds and black-faced cuckoo shrikes were spotted.

Early lunch was at Moon Rock. Despite the overgrown track we have been assured that the local Aboriginal land council are happy for respectful visitors to enter. The large elevated rock platform affords expansive views of the surrounding bush land and gave us the chance to admire the Aboriginal Rock engravings, after removing our shoes. They seem to have been re-grooved in recent times.

The new hospital is the most prominent building on the skyline but we were also able to spot the Baha’i temple, Optus dishes at Oxford Falls plus the Christian City church and schools on Wakehurst Parkway.

It was clearly a public holiday as we were ‘buzzed’ by a number of model planes - a jet, the Red Baron, helicopters and more. After lunch we stopped by at the Warringah model plane airstrip where the ‘pilots’ are always happy to proudly demonstrate their aircraft. The owner of the jet wouldn’t admit how much it cost but did say it was enough to cause a deep and meaningful discussion with her indoors! Apparently you don’t consider buying two of this calibre without the chance of becoming collateral damage yourself!

We returned via bush tracks which led to open rock platforms and view points. We had a break for snakes, yes snakes, the sort with no artificial colours or flavourings, at the waterfall (which was now carrying considerably less water). Heading back down the creek we were greeted by two very wet golden retrievers who were having a wonderful time. Naturally they did what wet dogs do... ran towards the new-comers to greet them, before shaking themselves vigorously.

Our last stop was at the German engravings near the Deep Creek dog park. Locals tell of German sailors who camped in this area prior to WW2 and literally left their mark. The story goes that the ship owners paid the crews so badly that they didn’t want them mixing with other crews for fear of them discovering what the real going rate was!

From there we managed to avoid bicycles and dogs to make our way back to the Tram Shed and various modes of transport home. It was good to see so many people out and about enjoying the great outdoors. Iced chocolates at the Boat Shed cafe overlooking the lagoon went down very well.

A very pleasant walk with a very friendly capable group. Thanks for your company!

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