Leader: Florence Cho

Royal NP: Heathcote to Bundeena

27 April 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Bob Crispin

Nicola the supporter


Florence Cho, Pam and Colin Reid, Helen Ford, Nicola Le Couteur, Suk Kwan Ha, Paul Webster, prospective Bob Crispin, guest May Leung

Walk description:

Walking around a good track with view between bush and coast line. Ferry to Cronulla and ice-cream at the end. Map: Royal NP

1st time leader and supported by Nicola Le Couteur


A few km of fire trail between Heathcote to Waterfall was cut from the planned walk.

The walk was mostly in the bush with a good combination of ascents and descents, through fire trails and thick bush surrounded by nice scenery, big rocks and a beach. This walk is very good for intermediate walkers, giving a taste of everything before the step up to higher grade walks.

We were very lucky to have perfect weather on the day. Our group consisted of nine people, all strong walkers. We started at a medium pace and after an early lunch break at the Pool of South West Arm Creek (side track from Winifred Falls), we increased to a fast pace.

The Pool is the opening of South West Arm Creek waterfall into Port Hacking. It is clean and beautiful with small to medium size fish swimming in it. There were several other groups swimming and picnicking around the pool. We had a good chat and I recommended the other group to check out the walking program on the Bush Club website.

The group split at Cabbage Tree Basin bridge with five walkers determined to get the 3pm ferry from Bundeena to Cronulla walking via the main road. The walking data below was for that group. The other four, including myself, walked an additional 1.5km along Bonnie Vale Camp grounds to the beach, deciding to relax and enjoy the beautiful beach and weather.

We stopped to take photos and have a rest. As it was low tide, we walked along the rocks that took us to the main beach. There was a big group already there having a BBQ. They even offered us chicken satay. That tasted really good!

Florence Cho

First time leader

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