Leader: Ghada El-Ghoul

Royal National Park: Otford Circuit

7 July 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Ghada El-Ghoul

Group photo: guest Sabine Crawford


Lydia Chua, Joanne Yip, Robert Lowman, Rogo, Florence Cho, Winnie Mau, Helen Zammitt, Bob Seibright, Kate Wilson, Misako Sugiyama, Julie Bakalor, Tim Yewdall, prospectives Sarah Burke, Emilie Pizzimenti, Jurgen Otto, guests Sabine Crawford, Michella Burgers

Walk description:

Otford station, the Cliff Track, Coast track to Palm Jungle - Burning Palms Beach - Garrawarra Farm Road - Mid Era Ridge - Garrawarra Ridge Trail - The Cliff Track then Otford station.


After a week of needed rain, Sunday turned out pretty gorgeous.

The walk started at Otford lookout and continued on the Coastal track for morning tea at Burning Palm Beach. Winnie surprised us with a delicious sweet treat she baked the night before.

We had many Whale sightings, we lost count! We are very lucky to have such an amazing backyard -Beautiful country.

Congratulations to all the prospectives, who completed the walk with ease.

Great day out with wonderful group of walkers.

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