Leader: Nev Ellis

Garigal NP: Lindfield to Middle Harbour and Bantry Bay

22 October 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Nev Ellis

View of Middle Hrbr towards Explosives Reserve

Skylight in the cave beneath the Bluff Lookout

The Natural Bridge

Complete group - photo by an enlisted stranger



Nev Ellis, Ali Mahmoodian, Christine Loh, Soo Lee Chen, Margaret Rozea, Wendy Dodd, Jacqui Hickson, Charo Hogan, John Hungerford, Stephen Poole, Jolan Cikos, Sandra Bushell, Debbie Byers, Andrew Lumsden, Jim Phillips, Ramon Alvarez, prospectives Peter Cooke, Tim Birks, Ric Bouvier, Kerry Emslie

Walk description:

From Lindfield Station we walk to meet up with Two Creeks Track then follow Gordon Creek and the banks of the Middle Harbour to reach Roseville Bridge. We then follow Flat Rock Beach and Magazine track to pass by Bantry Bay. At Bates Creek we take a side trip to see the Natural Bridge and visit the Bluff Lookout for lunch. Magnificent views of the harbour. We double back to take the Currie street trail exiting at Warringah Rd.


After some street-walking along Tryon Road, Lindfield, past some beautiful Federation and Californian Bungalow style homes, we completed the briefing and introductory circle before venturing into the bush proper. We were glad to welcome along four prospective members. For two, it was their first walk with the Bush Club. For the other two prospectives, it was their
final qualifying walk. We entered the lovely native bushland bordering Gordon Creek at about 8.15 a.m., and as the creek was low, picked our way through the dark of the tunnel that underpasses the Eastern Arterial Road.

As the group was made up of many strong walkers, we made good time along Gordon Creek and the Two Creeks track, despite making a stop for the obligatory group photo, and reached the Davidson Park Boat Ramp for morning tea by 10.15 a.m. The Flat Rock Beach Track being partially closed, we made a detour along Killarney Drive for about two kilometres, which still offered some great views of Middle Harbour. We were blessed with excellent weather for walking. The waters of Middle Harbour sparkled under clear, blue, sunny skies and the temperature kept below 26 degrees. We re-entered the bush at the start of the Magazine Track, made a quick stop at the picturesque Flat Rock Beach, then followed the water’s edge around to Bantry Bay. After crossing Bates Creek, and making a few ascents, we reached the turn-off to the Natural Bridge and the Bluff Lookout. Crossing the Natural Bridge was a new experience for some of the members, and after some clambering and climbing, we finally arrived at the Bluff Lookout at 1.00 p.m. for a late lunch as planned. Several members commented that the views from the lookout made the wait and effort of getting there worthwhile - and it was a great spot for a rest and lunch.

On our return from the Bluff Lookout, several members of the group elected to join a slight side-trip to view a very well-preserved Aboriginal rock engraving of a kangaroo in flight. Re-grouping, we then reached the corner of Currie Road and Warringah Road to finish our walk at 2.35 p.m.

Congratulations to the four prospective members, Peter, Tim, Ric and Kerry, for successfully completing the walk, and thank you to the two 'tails', Ramon and Ali, for doing a great job.


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