Leader: Jill Green

Lane Cove NP: Epping to Wahroonga

8 April 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Jill Green

No passer-by to take a photo so the photographer,
Colin Isaac, is missing - and Mike Pickles was late

A cranky yabbie

Plenty of wet feet

Lunch in the Bush Chapel



Jill Green, Allison Boyle, Chris Strojny, Trevor McAlister, Kumiko Suzuki, Trish Watson, Daryl Watson, Alan Brennan, Rogo Owens, Colin Isaac, Mike Pickles

Walk description:

Epping Station to Terrys Creek, Great North Walk to Comenarra Parkway, Coups Creek, The Glade and Wahroonga Station. Slippery Creek Map STEP Lane Cove Valley


Forecast was for 32 degrees, lucky most of the walk is shady.

The Terrys creek track is looking very clean with some new work. We admired the huge tree specimens along the way. Just past the Epping Road underpass we met Mike Pickles who, having missed the start, took a short cut via a bush bash but it was marked on the STEP map.

During morning tea at Browns Waterhole we were serenaded by bellbirds. The Great North Walk is in rough condition with large pools of water occupying the full width of the track in several places so we had to creep around the edge. One pool was being guarded by a feisty yabbie. The four river crossings were negotiated without accidents, only more wet feet.

The steep climb up to the Comenarra was hot work but we were soon into the forest along Coups Creek below the SAN Hospital. The track goes through the Wahroonga Waterways Landcare site that is being regenerated over time. Although this is private land walkers are welcome. We enjoyed a relaxed lunch in the Bush Chapel.

The final stage of the walk involved some short street walking and then into the shady Glade and up the hill to the Pacific Highway. The finish was early at about 2 pm with some iced coffee at the Wahroonga shops. Thanks to a great group of walkers who shared plenty of stories of the good old school days.

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