Leader: Sukkwan Ha

Heathcote National Park: Lake Eckersley & Mirang Pool

Wednesday 13 March 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Steven Sim



Sukkwan Ha, Julie Jones, Robert Lowman, Janette Fiori Allen, Rogo Owen, Malcolm Reed, Lynn Dabbs, Steven Sim

Walk description:

Meet at Heathcote station, go on the Friendly track, then Pipeline track, may swim at Mirang Pool, then on to Lake Eckersley, just relax by the lake & pool & return to Heathcote. May extend to Bullawarring track if we feel energetic. Tree roots & slippery slopes.


The day after a hot 35C in autumn, we set off to the Heathcote National Park. Overnight a drop of 12C made it a lot more comfortable to walk there. It was still drizzling when I left home, but it had stopped by the time we met up at Heathcote station at 9AM. I caught the train & looked for walkers when I got off. To my surprise I was the only walker on the platform, a group of smiling & chatting walkers were waiting for me on the other platform on the right exit.

"Wow, they are all eagerly waiting for me!" I thought. This is an encouragement for this first time leader. It was a good start for the 80L walk.

We took a scenic route via the “Garden & Eden” along a small creek till we got to the Friendly Track & had morning tea at Mirang Pool. No one took a swim there & it was pretty dry as the effect of the drought was quite evident.

Rogo led us to a hidden beach off Lake Eckersley, it was private with a big rock in the water near the opposite bank of the Woronora River which served us well to relax & pose for the camera. The water was pleasantly warm & refreshing. We had lunch there.

On our way back we went to the delightful Goburra Pool dotted with waterlilies. The lightly purple flowers were there to welcome us & it’s so tranquil that we sat down to admire & absorb the ambience.

Overall it was a very enjoyable 12 km bush walk with a group of friendly & supportive walkers. It was enjoyed by all participants & a very good start for me as a leader.

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