Leader: Shirley Hart

Garigal National Park: St Ives to Lindfield

23rd February 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Robert Lowman

At the Cascades
Back : Glenn, Chris, Mike, Robert
Centre : Jan, Shirley, Sandra, Adrienne, Pamela
Front : Jenny, Vince

Davidson Park

On the track at Roseville

Creek crossing: Glenn, Mike, Vince and Sandra

Jan, Adrienne, Chris and Shirley at the Pipeline

Middle Harbour Creek


Shirley Hart, Glenn Draper, Chris Edwards, Pamela Irving, Vince Smith, Robert Lowman, Jenny Stephens, Jan Mathieson, Mike Pickles, Sandra Bushell, Adrienne Kinna

Walk description:

St Ives to Lindfield: via Cascades, Roseville Bridge and Two Creeks track to Lindfield. Pleasant shaded bush walk most of the way following Middle Harbour Creek. Track is undulating with no significant climbs, though care is required with creek crossings, tree roots and minor ups and downs. Map: STEP


In spite of the adverse weather forecast and lack of trains due to track work, our walk from St Ives following Middle Harbour Creek via the Cascades to Davidson Park at Roseville proved to be most pleasant.

Previous rain enhanced the lushness of the bushes and the track was soft underfoot. The prevailing tide was high, which made creek crossings slightly more challenging. These were however negotiated with care and without mishap. We gained a few leeches on the way and some fallen trees obstructed our pathway, which we readily overcame. A heavy downpour ensued whilst we were under cover at Roseville, so an apt time to take a break.

We then journeyed across the bridge to link up with Two Creeks Track. This track is becoming somewhat eroded in parts, due no doubt to lack of funding. Tree blockage at the end of the tunnel leading into Seven Little Australians Park meant some wet feet for the travel home. Our group were convivial and kept up a steady pace all day. The track blockages were duly reported to the appropriate authorities.

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