Leader: Tom Heinz

Garigal NP: Roseville Bridge to Seaforth Oval

23 April 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Robert Eddy

Lunch spot

On the track



Tom Heinz, Chris Paine, Sandra Bushell, John Hungerford, Julie Rea, Alan Brennan, guest Robert Eddy

Walk description:

Start from Roseville Bridge, then Flat Rock Beach Track (whole track is now open) - Magazine Track - Natural Bridge Track - Engravings Track - Seaforth Oval Map: Lane Cove & Garigal National Park


Trail was Roseville Bridge, Davidson Park, Flat Rock trail, Bates Creek trail, Currie Rd track, Natural Bridge track and Engraving track.

Morning break at Flat Rock beach and lunch at bluff ovetlook. Noteworthy was that the Flat Rock Creek trail had been recently opened after a closure of about 4 years.

The walk time was 5 hours including the breaks.

The walk was on my 80th birthday. So 80 for 80.

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