Leader: Lyndal Lawless

Sydney Harbour: Taronga Zoo Wharf to Artarmon Station

27 March 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos top: Lyndal Lawless

Photos below: John Maltby

Silk Floss Tree (ID by Bob Taffel)



Lyndal Lawless, Jan Mathieson, Jeanette Ibrahim, Bill Rathborne, Laurie Olsen, Lindsey Paget-Cooke, Soo Lee Chen, Jill Green, Tom Halbert, Warren Southey, Chris Edwards, Carol Henderson, Evelyn Dowling, Diane Lancaster, John Maltby, Stuart Coulter

Walk description:

This is a 20 km walk through Sydney Harbour National Park, then walking through some streets and pathways. Sydney Harbour map.


On a pleasant if slightly overcast day 16 Bush Club walkers set off from Taronga Zoo ferry wharf and walked around the harbour foreshore. We soon overtook a group of NPA walkers who were on a photography walk, only to discover at morning tea that one of them had inadvertently attached to our group. Back to our original number, we continued on to the Spit, then into Middle Harbour.

A close inspection of Quakers Hat determined that it barely deserves its name due to years of erosion. On to Primrose Park for lunch, where we met up with Alan Sauran, who ceremoniously handed to John Maltby an old pair of walking boots to add to his garden collection.

Passing under the stone “suspension “ bridge to Northbridge, we continued along and across Flat Rock Creek, then under the road tunnel until we reached Henry Lawson’s cave, an ideal place for a drink stop and a short poetry reading -“Chattie’s Wood”. No doubt this was written by Lawson in a local hotel in exchange for a rather stronger drink or two. The gelato bar in Artarmon was a welcome sight at the end of the walk.

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