Leader: Robert Lowman

Garigal NP: Currie Road to Ferguson St via Davidson Park Loop

1 May

An 80 leaders walk

Photos top: various sent in by Robert Lowman

Photos below: Ingrid Radford



Robert Lowman, Kumiko Suzuki, Soo Lee Chen, Ingrid Radford, Suraya Coorey, Julia Stevenson, Bill Rathborne, Noely Rathborne, Jan Mathieson, guest Miria Suzuki

Walk description:

Alighting from Warringah Road, we trek Currie Road and Magazine Tracks down to Flat Rock Beach. Then walk via Killarney Road and a fire trail around and under Roseville Bridge to Davidson Park. Nice spot for lunch with restrooms and water available. Then we trek via Lyrebird and Carroll Creek Tracks to NP Service Centre at Ferguson Street. Close with a short walk back to Warringah Road. Defined shady bush tracks some rocky, and brief street walks. Nice views. No major ascents. Short bus ride to and from Chatswood Station. Map: STEP 2 Garigal NP


A very enjoyable walk joined by some champion bushwalkers. A group of nine members and one guest made for great company on the trail. The trek started from Chatswood Station with a bus ride to Currie Road at Warringah Road. A short walk to the Currie Road Track trailhead leading south down to Flat Rock Beach. The track is showing some wear in a few locations particularly in the section behind the old magazine buildings. The views of Bantry Bay were wonderful as always.

Stopping at Flat Rock Beach we enjoyed a brief morning tea and watched a few boaters out on the water. With the Flat Rock Track open we modified our trip plan slightly not having to take the Killarney Road alternate. The Flat Rock Track was in good shape with plenty of ferns and impressive rock formations along the way. Passing under Roseville Bridge we headed down into Davidson Park and stopped for a nice lunch break.

After that we headed to the north along the Lyrebird and Carroll Creek Tracks. Lyrebird still has a few downed trees slightly impeding in a few spots. A couple of us were fortunate enough to catch a brief view of a Wallaby running high up the ridge. The water was flowing slowly in Carroll Creek, but the small waterfall and spillovers provided for enjoyable creek sounds. A short climb up to Ferguson Street to the bus stop and a quick ride back to Chatswood rounded out the day.

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