Leader: John Maltby

Kosciuszko NP: Thredbo valley track

Part of Jindabyne week Tuesday 5 March 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos top John Maltby

Photos below: Robyn Christie

Along the river - storm clouds brewing

Robyn and Lyndal on an old chair lift

John enjoying the ride

One of the 6 bridges

Group on the bridge

Afternoon coffee spot


John Maltby, Mark Armstrong, Jill Green, Jan Mathieson, Robyn Christie, Chris Edwards, Jolan Cikos, Lynne Outhred, Shirley Hart, Graeme Lawless, Lyndal Lawless.

Walk description:

Thredbo Valley Track: Lake Crackenback Resort to Thredbo Village. Riverside walk, bridges, passes 2 camping areas. Car shuffle required. Maps: Jindabyne, Perisher Valley


The group drove 20 kms from the St George Alpine club at Jindabyne and left the walkers at the Skitube Terminal alongside the Thredbo river.

After a car shuffle left the vehicles at the walks end at Thredbo Village, the walkers made their way the 17 kms alongside the Thredbo river to Thredbo village. Passing through the Thredbo Diggings Camping Ground after several kms, morning tea was taken at the Ngarigo camp ground after 7 kms, and lunch alongside the 'third' metal bridge across the Thredbo river.

The day's walk was taken in overcast conditions with a maximum of 20 degrees and several minutes of the faintest rain on a minimally damp track, during the course of which the group passed 5 walkers and several stationary bike riders.

The group returned from Thredbo village along the Alpine Way to Jindabyne, some of the walks members partaking of afternoon tea of coffee and cake along the way at the "Wild Brumby" Schnapps restaurant.

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