Leader: Barbara Mitchell

Kosciuszko NP: Main Range circuit from Charlottes Pass

7 March 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos top: Carole Beales

(Photo by 'kettle man')

Photos below: Robyn Christie

Early morning reflections

Walkers shadows

Blue Lake

Rogo and Jill at Blue Lake

Looking to the Sentinel

Alpine Genesian with bug

Lynne getting her photo taken

Group coming up the track

Daisies above Lake Albina

Another creek crossing

Looking back to where we came from



Barbara Mitchell, Graham Conden, Rogo Owens, Robyn Christie, Carole Beales, Ian Evans, Chris Edwards, Jan Mathieson, Shirley Hart, Jill Paillas, Adrienne Kinna, Lynne Outhred

Walk description:

Walk description from program: Charlottes Pass Circuit via Snowy River, Blue Lake, Sentinel saddle, Lake Albina & Seaman’s Hut. Map/s: Perisher valley 1: 25 000. Kosciuszko 1: 100 000


A day which began at Charlottes Pass at -7 degrees turned into a wonderful clear sunny day with perfect weather and expansive views. As we headed down to the Snowy River we started to peel off our layers of clothing and admire the perfect reflections in the mirror like water.

The pace of the day was steady which allowed us ample opportunities to admire the views and take lots of photographs.

After an uphill climb our first morning tea was enjoyed sitting on a grassy slope overlooking Blue Lake. We then continued upward and were able to enjoy a second morning tea at Sentinel saddle. The mountain ranges shrouded in smoke from the bushfires stretched out towards Victoria and provided an outstanding backdrop for a group photo taken by a walker we’d met and
nicknamed ‘kettle man’. He carried a large stainless steel kettle on outside of his pack. We learnt his name was Andrew and it was his 33rd birthday. This knowledge prompted us to burst into song and sing him a rousing Happy Birthday with gusto. We also supplied him and his partner details of the Bush Club.

As we climbed higher using the newly upgraded track we had a wonderful view over Club Lake. The weather was ideal for a helicopter to transport bags of granite for the ongoing track maintenance. The NPWS staff and contractors we spoke to agreed that conditions up there don’t get any better than we were experiencing!

We enjoyed lunch and panoramic views overlooking Lake Albina. We were shocked by the arrival of two larger than life characters in white forensic suits wearing backpacks loaded with poison. When they learnt we hadn’t seen any pesky orange hawkweed they beat a hasty retreat.

We walked off track downhill into a valley covered with the softest grass ‘carpet’ and once again crossed the Snowy river before climbing up to Seaman’s Hut for an afternoon tea break. From there it was 6km along the fire trail back to Charlottes Pass. After spotting a small snake crossing the track sticks started to look like snakes!

We had the opportunity to chat with the helicopter crew. They had moved 60 bags of granite with only another 10 to go prior to heading for a well earned rest and a refreshing drink. Good work!

Returning to Charlottes Pass we agreed that it had been an amazing day to complete a classic walk.

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