Leader: Steven Sim

Garigal NP: Belrose to Moon Rock

Wednesday 3 April 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos top: Ingrid Radford

Photos below: Steven Sim



Steven Sim, Malcolm Reed, Lorraine Tawse, Virginia Riley, Ingrid Radford, Regina Haertsch, Robert Lowman, Jon Hestelow, Evelyn Dowling, John Maltby, Jan Mathieson, Jacqui Hickson, Carol Henderson, Tony Hickson, Kumiko Suzuki, prospective Leslie Rowe, guest Davis Chan

Walk description:

From Forest Way we walk along Morgan Road to the Slippery Dip Trail to The Moon Rock. Then we go past the airfield of the Warringah Radio Control Society and a small pond to go to an unnamed trail to a spur lookout where we can have our morning tea. We will then return on the trail to where it joins with the Slippery Dip Trail. We should be back to the Forest Way where we can catch a bus back to the City or Chatswood for lunch.


The buses from Chatswood were a few minutes late when we arrived at Belrose. Others who came by cars were waiting patiently. Kumiko who missed the 284 bus managed to catch up just in time with Bus 283. There were 17 of us.

It was a good day for walking after the overnight rain. The bush was wet, and the paths were muddy and wet at places, but no major problems. We stopped at the Moon Rock to take pictures. All took off their shoes when walking on the rock.

I couldn't find the path marked on Google Map I intended to take, so we turned back and followed the old path that I knew, to take us to the next stop at the field of the Warringah Radio Control Society (WRCS). We were treated to a demonstration of the taking off and landing of the model aircraft.

We then proceeded to the unnamed track that took us to the lookout at the spur, and the view was very nice. We had our morning tea there. We then walked back to the starting point at Forest Way, using a different path. We got there about 10 past midday, missing the bus back to Chatswood by about 10 minutes. But we all got on to the next bus to Wynyard at 12.32pm. The others went back in their cars.

It was a very pleasant walk on a pleasant day. Thanks for everyone who turned up. And thanks to Regina for being the tail all the way.

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