Seen in isolation

April 14 2020

Cliff Britton: “Exercised” by myself through the North Head Sanctuary earlier today [8/4]; from Shelly Beach, past the Hanging Swamp, the Fairfax Lookout and the third Quarantine Cemetery. Lovely wildflowers and beautiful walking weather - cool and overcast and very few people about - ideal for social distancing!

Heran Kim: Some photos of my daily walk in Cooper Park

Trevor McAlister: I have been walking on my own mostly since this all started. I bought a new camera and have been road testing it on my walks. I set myself the goal of taking one decent photo each time I go out. These are all taken from a two kilometre stretch of the track along Terry's Creek between Epping Road bridge crossing and Essex Street, Eastwood.

The painted stone was found lying beside the track.  It was obvious that it had been intentionally placed there along with several others spaced out at intervals beside the track.  Somebody's contribution to peace and well-being perhaps?

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