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Carry sufficient water for conditions of walk. Generally a minimum of one litre or two litres or more in hotter conditions.

Victoria/South Australia Aussie Camino May 2018

Leader Laurie Olsen

At the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre in Melbourne – Mike, John,(Mary), Stacey, Laurie.

Cape Nelson Lighthouse – Laurie, John, Mike, Stacey

Taken by Stacey Bryce – Beach and Wind Turbines

Taken by Laurie Olsen – on the track – Day 1

End of Day 1 at Cape Bridgewater -  Mike, Stacey, John, Laurie

Taken by Stacey - The minivan at Cape Bridgewater  – John, Laurie, Tony Fleming (owner & driver), Mike

Taken by Stacey - Bridgewater Lakes

Taken by Stacey - The red ute lent to Mike

Taken by Stacey - At the Nelson Hotel on Day 5 - Laurie’s dinner (before)

Taken by Stacey - Laurie’s dinner (after) on Day 5.  It’s important to have a satisfied Leader !

Taken by John - Crossing from Vic to SA – Laurie and Stacey

Taken by Mike- On the beach near Port MacDonnell – Laurie, Stacey, John

Taken by Stacey - Grass Track Day 7 – John, Laurie

Taken by Stacey Dirt road Day 8 – Laurie, John

Taken by Stacey Charming tree-lined road approaching Kalangadoo – John

Taken by Stacey - Just small pizzas (we didn’t finish them) - John

Taken by Stacey - Quick lunch on Day 10 before the storm – John, Laurie

 Taken by Laurie - Entering Penola on Day 10 – Stacey and John

Composed by John on the track

Aussie Camino Limericks

Our esteemed Leader LAURIE
Kept control of his quarry
To leave by eight
He may be late
Not once had to say sorry

A charming miss named STACEY BRYCE
Said she would walk at any price
However she never did not care
At the house with the cuddly bear
When she saw the drops of the mice


A really great guy called MIKE
Who you couldn’t help but like
He suffered sore toes
But that’s how it goes
When you go - on a long hike


A helpful fellow called TONY
Genuine – no sense of phoney
He loaned his red ute
So Mike said “you beaut”
He wouldn’t take any moan-ey


We were guided by SAINT MARY
In the guise of Mother Fairy
Because we had sinned
She let loose the wind
The atmosphere was quite airy


The Camino devised by LUKE MILLS
Was expected to give us some thrills
For attention to detail
We awarded him a fail
Thank goodness there were not many hills


We walked the AUSSIE CAMINO
Any evil we did see no
Along roads and beaches
Both devoid of leeches
With dinner was lots of vino


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