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Kyushu, Japan: Day walks in autumn Kyushu 20 October - 2 November 2019

Leader Alan Sauran

Photos from Robyn Christie

Group dressed for dinner

Baby grand at station for anyone to play

Spotted 3 snakes on 2 day afternoon walk.

Temple in mountain on way down Mt Hikosan

Ladies Onsen

How to move the kids to kindergarten

Start of the walk - Janette, Robyn, Alan.

Bit fuzzy - it was a misty day. Only 4 of us headed up Yufudake. Alan, John, Janet & Robyn.

Group on the autumn leaves walk. Wonderful colours that day.

All dressed for dinner at Sanga Onsen

Group on the way up Mt Takadake - near the active Aso Volcano

Alan & Robyn - Aso volcano getting feisty in the background

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