On a walk, it is your responsibility to allow sufficient distance between yourself and the walker in front so that you are not injured by branches flicking back.

Kosciuszko NP (Smiggin Holes) December 2018 - January 2019

Leaders Fiona and Lionel Sonntag

Photos top: Elaine Prior

Towards Mt Stilwell

Elaine P on Mt Tate summit (photo Elaine Lau?)

Descending Mt Tate

Flowers on the side of Mt Tate

Photos below: Elaine Lau

Big Thank You to our leaders Fiona & Lionel!

Enjoy the view not the wind

New Year's Eve celebration

Party time

Challenge before reaching Mt Sentinel

Hooray! on top of Sentinel

Beautiful walk through alpine meadow

Photos below: Carol Thompson

Photos below: Jim Romanowski

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