VISITORS may take part in walks only if invited by a full member (who must be present on the walk) and subject to the leader’s prior approval. Approval should be requested by the member, not the visitor. A leader has the right to refuse to take visitors on walks. Visitors will be granted temporary club membership to enable them to take part in the activity.

Strickland State Forest September 2019

Leader Rosemary MacDougall

Photos top: Ingrid Radford

Photos below: Bron Stepowski

Admiring Geoff's Handiwork (Geoff, next to Rosemary, helped build the Strickland SF walking tracks)

A pair of tall Tallowwoods

Photos below: Steven Sim

Photos below: Jon Hestelow

Walk across the creek

Dendrobium speciosum

Pine plantation section (Bunyah and Hoop pines)

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