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About the Bush Club

A little history

The Bush Club came into existence on 19th September 1939, mainly as a result of the initiative of Marie Byles and Paddy Pallin. Marie Byles was concerned that the rather rigorous tests to obtain entry to bush walking clubs existing at the time excluded genuine lovers of the bush who were unwilling or unable to pack walk and camp out overnight.

She believed that the essential qualifications for members should be a genuine love of the bush, a desire to protect it and a willingness to extend the hand of friendship to other bushwalkers.

Paddy Pallin had similar motivation in joining with Marie to form the club. He hoped the club would comprise walkers of moderate ability who would not be forced to indulge in camping if they had no wish to do so. Paddy was also strongly of the view that if people became bushwalkers they would also become lovers of the bush and would join the ranks of the conservationists seeking its protection.

These thoughts remain the main aim of the Bush Club.

A more detailed history of the club was included in the publication "Looking Back - Walking On" (1989) which celebrated the club's Jubilee Year.

Leadership & Management

Throughout the club's history, as with most voluntary organisations, a core group of members has been its backbone, serving on the committee for many years and leading many of the walks. Over time, the actual membership of that core group changes. Generally, the group is supported by other members who have remained on the committee for, roughly, on average, three years. There are others who have reliably led interesting walks for many years.

Bushwalking has become a very popular recreational activity, with many new organisations presenting the opportunity for people to participate. Competition between these organisations for members has increased. Most of the present members of the club are also members of other clubs and now choose their walks from a selection of walks programs.

The leaders of Club walks are all volunteers from among the membership. We encourage new members to lead walks as soon as they feel confident to do so.

From the membership we also need to recruit people to hold positions on the Committee, the body responsible for the management of Club affairs.

Honorary Bush Club Life Members

  • Joan Adams
  • Kaye Birch
  • Eric Cadzow
  • Graham Conden
  • Arthur Cunningham
  • Ian Edwards
  • Carol Henderson
  • Tony Hickson
  • Jacqui Hickson
  • Michael Keats
  • Jim Lawler
  • Bill Macks
  • Ron Mead
  • Alan Mewett
  • Pam Organ
  • Michael Pratt
  • Bob Taffel
  • Marion Woof

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