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In a nutshell


Apply for prospective membership


Complete at least 3 qualifying walks from our walks program. Keep a record of these walks. (click here for details)

Please note: Prospective members must contact the leader of any walk before attending it to obtain his or her permission.


Apply for full membership (click here for details)

Apply for prospective membership

The Membership Secretary
The Bush Club Inc.
Go to Contact us for address

You will receive the full current walks program and other information via email or post. Please take the time to download and read our Information for prospective members and Notes for Walkers.

Also fill in our Member Emergency Contact & Medical Information form to carry in your first aid kit, where it will be easy for the leader to find in an emergency.

Please be aware that the membership secretary is a volunteer and will not always be able to reply immediately.

Also remember that banking transfers are completed on business days only, so that an EFT made on a public holiday or weekend may not be credited to the Bush Club account for three or four days.

As a Prospective Member you may participate in all activities of the Club, including attending (but not voting at) general meetings.

You are not restricted to attending particular walks. However, you must contact the leader of any walk before you attend it and obtain his or her permission. The leader may ask about your bushwalking experience, level of fitness etc to assess your ability to complete the walk. The main attribute we seek in new members is enthusiasm for bushwalking.

Prospective members may apply for full membership at any time after satisfactorily completing three qualifying walks (designated M in the walks program).

Forms and information for prospectives to download as pdfs (Close each pdf window to return to this page)

Information for prospective members

Prospective Membership Application form

Qualifying walk record form: Print only pdf | Editable Word doc (if this doesn't appear on your screen check the Desktop taskbar for your word-processor button. Save the file to your computer then you will be able to edit it.)

Risk acknowledgement form

Notes for walkers

Member Emergency Contact & Medical Information form

For further information try our FAQs or phone the Membership Secretary go to Contact us

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