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If an incident or accident occurs on a Bush Club activity the procedure to follow is:

  • notify the leader on the same day, ideally during the walk itself
  • the leader reports the incident to the Data Base Manager, either on the Walk Report form or on a separate Incident Report Form
  • the Data Base Manager notifies the Insurance Officer
  • the Insurance Officer records the incident and notifies the insurance broker of a possible claim
  • the Insurance Officer provides the injured person with information about what is claimable, and then, if there are claimable expenses, gives the injured person a claim form and provides assistance in completing it if required
  • the injured person must keep all receipts
  • the injured person sends the completed claim form and copies of the receipts directly to the insurance broker. The injured person keeps the originals of the receipts.
  • the injured person notifies the Insurance Officer when the claim is paid, or requests assistance with an unpaid claim.

Please see the Contact Us page for the name and email address of the Club's Insurance Officer.

Click here for details of our Insurance Policy

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