Leader: Ewan Cain

Blue Mountains NP: Pierces Pass to Blue Gum Forest & return

Saturday 30 March 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos top: Steven Sim

Photos below: Jon Hestelow

Dendrobium speciosum

Grose River

Grose Valley


Ewan Cain, Tony Sandrussi, Patricia Huang, Jon Hestelow, Hilary Richards, Michelle Smithson, Steven Sim.

Walk description:

Descending via the Hungerford track to the Grose River, we follow the track leading to the Blue Gum Forest and later return by the same route. Descent/ascent of approx 800m. River crossing, wet feet possible if recent rain. Car transport required, will aim to start by 9.00am. Map: Mt Wilson


The route from Pierce's Pass to the Blue Gum Forest may not attract as may walkers as some of the other routes to the Forest from other side of the Grose River, for reasons such as that it is accessable only by road transport, but it loses little by comparison to the other walks.

We met at the turnoff to the Pierce's Pass road and made our way to the carpark, to commence the walk.

After a wet night in the Blue Mountains, the weather forecast for today's walk had been less than auspicious, however, the day turned out quite well.

The slight rain that had been falling on our arrival soon dissipated, although it remained misty for a while.

The track was muddy at the beginning, and water was running in the sometimes dry creek, while the bush along the track retained plenty of moisture after the previous night's rain, ensuring that rainjackets were worn.

We followed the Hungerford track down to the river, which we were able to cross courtesy of some large boulders in the river.

From there we followed the track to Blue Gum Forest. Initially the track ran quite close to the river, later moving away from it. Large parts of the track appeared to be in danger of being enveloped by the surrounding foliage.

Throughout the morning the bush remained wet, and leeches soon made their presence felt by some members of the group.

We stopped for lunch at the turnoff to Perry's Lookdown, in the impressive Blue Gum Forest, with some adjourning to a picturesque spot in the middle of the adjacent Grose River.

After lunch, we retraced our steps via the same route. Progress on the return walk was a little easier, in part because the bush had by now dried out.

Finally, having crossed the Grose River again, all that was left to do was the ascent to the cars via the Hungerford track , which we were all able to accomplish in due course.

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