Leader: Cavan Hogue

City: Central to Rozelle Bay

Thursday 14 March 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Lydia Chua



Cavan Hogue, Chris Edwards, Lydia Chua, Jan Wilson, Col Prentice, Rogo Owens, Pam Organ, Bronny Niemeyer, Colin Isaac and Michael Pratt, prospective David Farrell

Walk description:

Central (southern exit)- Darling Harbour- Barangaroo Circuit - Pyrmont Bay - Fish Market -Glebe Bay - Glebe Park - Rozelle Bay Light Rail. Easy pace through great water and city views. A few steps with handrails but mostly paths, streets and parks. Lunch at Fish Markets Map: Sydney


On Thursday 14 March 11 Bush Club members defied the weather report and enjoyed a rain free walk through city sights and seascapes. Those who chickened out missed a good walk enjoyed by all.

From the southern exit at Central we walked through to Darling Harbour to see all the developments there and on to the same at Barangaroo restaurants and shops. We did a circuit of the park from which we got a good view. An even better view was obtained from the piers on the other side after crossing the Pyrmont bridge. We braved the seagulls and tour groups to have lunch at the Fish Markets.

After a pleasant waterside walk through Glebe Bay and the park we got the light rail at Rozelle Bay. Most walkers learned about new developments in the area which is changing rapidly, occasionally for the better. Our thanks to Lydia Chua for the photos and Google maps for the CBD map.

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