Leader: Bronny Niemeyer

Sydney Harbour: Wollstonecraft to Edgecliff

16 August 2019

An 80 leaders walk

Photos Bronny Niemeyer



Bronny Niemeyer, Michael Pratt, Ron Rodgers, Rogo Owens, Tony Hickson, Shirley Hart, Lee Kenny, Chris Paine, Sandra Bushell, Jan Wilson, Suraya Coorey, David Cunningham, Judy Shea, Jennie Kelso, Colin Helmstedt, Charo Hogan, Ian Edwards, Mike Pickles, Dianne Mackie, Col Prentice and prospective member Polyxeni Graudins

Walk description:

An easy bush walk with a visit to the new Coal Loader Green at Balls Head then a shortcut via Lavender Street to the Harbour Bridge, the Botanic Gardens and on to Edgecliff station via Woolloomooloo and Kings Cross. Coffee options.


A group of 21 walkers turned up at Wollstonecraft Station to enjoy a winter's day walk around our beautiful Sydney foreshore along with their usual humour and good mateship. Our descent from Wollstonecraft was via the Badangi Reserve track followed by the ascent up “those stairs” past HMAS Waterhen. We passed the Aboriginal carving site and progressed to the Coal Loader Green where we had a chance encounter with Robert Pallin, the son of the late Paddy Pallin and who is still involved with “the shop”. There followed a somewhat circular walk around Balls Head Reserve with morning tea in a lovely bush setting complete with tables and loos in close proximity.

After the obligatory group photo with the Bridge and Sydney skyline in the background we upped and over the old BP site and then trudged our way via streets and the Cahill Expressway into the relative solitude of the Botanical Gardens (if you managed to ignore the multitude of school children).

A shady lunch spot was located as by now the temperature had reached a scorching 24 degrees and then with a slight detour to enjoy the orchids in full bloom we meandered across the rooftop garden of the Wharf Terraces and on through Woolloomooloo and Kings Cross avoiding the steps up to the X. By now it was really heating up so we hastened to complete the walk at the inviting Cafe Mia at Edgecliff station.

A great day and thanks to everyone for making it a memorable 80th.

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