On a walk, as a courtesy and for safety reasons you should not generally walk ahead of the leader. At the same time you should not walk at the leader's elbow the whole time. Allow others to also enjoy walking with the leader.

Japan: North Alps 3 - 18 September 2019

Leader Rob Misako Sugiyama

Photos by various members

On the way to the mountains

Mt Tsurugi Ascent

Mt Tsurugi Ascent - Robert

Mt Tsurugi Ascent - Sunmi

Mt Tsurugi Ascent - 2999m

Mt Fuji from Mt Tsurugi

Mt Tsurugi descent

Tarodaira hut Sunset

Mt Kurobegoro 2840m

Sugoroku hut Dawn

Mt Yari in the distance

Mt Yari [In the original high res photo from Misako you can zoom in to see the people on the mountain]

Mt Yari 3180m

Footbath at Kamisuwa station

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