On a walk, it is your responsibility to allow sufficient distance between yourself and the walker in front so that you are not injured by branches flicking back.

Japan: North Alps 3 - 18 September 2019

Leader Rob Misako Sugiyama

Photos by various members

On the way to the mountains

Mt Tsurugi Ascent

Mt Tsurugi Ascent - Robert

Mt Tsurugi Ascent - Sunmi

Mt Tsurugi Ascent - 2999m

Mt Fuji from Mt Tsurugi

Mt Tsurugi descent

Tarodaira hut Sunset

Mt Kurobegoro 2840m

Sugoroku hut Dawn

Mt Yari in the distance

Mt Yari [In the original high res photo from Misako you can zoom in to see the people on the mountain]

Mt Yari 3180m

Footbath at Kamisuwa station

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