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Bush Club Policy on sex offenders against minors

The Committee deems it necessary to establish a policy which will apply to any member who is placed on the Sex Offenders Register for offences against minors. Minors are people under the age of 18 years.

The Committee notes that existing Club policy does not permit minors to be members. Minors may only engage in Club activities or go on Club walks as guests of a responsible adult and with the prior agreement of the walk leader.

The Committee agreed on the following policy statement.

Any member placed on the Sex Offenders Register may not participate in Bush Club activities where minors are present. It is the responsibility of the offender to confirm that no minors will be present on any Club activity the offender plans to attend.

In addition to the conditions set out in this policy statement, the offender must also comply with any conditions imposed by the NSW Department of Correctional Services or other relevant authorities.
Should the offender wish to lead a walk or put on any other Club activity that walk or activity must be clearly specified to be Contact Leader and restricted to adults only. The offender must ensure that no guests under 18 participate in the activity.

Should the offender wish to take part in a walk or activity led by another member, the offender must contact the leader in advance to ascertain whether a minor is expected to be present. If a minor is present the offender cannot participate.

Any Club member who has been placed on the Register is to be advised of this policy by the Club President and must confirm acceptance in writing before participating in any Club activity of any kind.

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