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Lead a walk

Click here to go to our Information for leaders section. There you'll find

  • if you're qualified to lead a walk
  • what to do before the walk
  • how to submit or change a walk for the program
  • what to do during the walk
  • what to do afterwards
  • all sorts of other useful information

Change any details of a walk already on the program

Use the online form (click here) or email the Walks program updates co-ordinator:

Find a replacement to lead my walk

Email the Walks program updates co-ordinator: to send out a notice asking for a substitute leader. Don't cancel unless you've tried this first.

Borrow the club's PLB

Click here for details and how to use it.

Add the walks program link as an icon

Click here to see how to add the link to your computer internet browser as a favourite or bookmark

Click here tosee how to add the link to your phone or tablet

Search, copy or print selections from the online walks program

Click here for various options to copy or print

Search the electronic program -

Find something in the online program is by using the keystrokes Ctrl + F on the page you have open. This will bring up a small box where you can type text, or use a more refined search. Use the down or up arrow to move through the results. If you want to find something in the completed walks section, you’ll have to click the tab or link to go to that page first.

Claim insurance for or report an accident on a Bush Club walk

Click here for details

Send photos for the Bush Club Photo Gallery

Email photos of any size to as attachments. If you can reduce the resolution or size before you send them that would be good but don't make them less than 640 pixels.

Click here to see how to reduce the size of photos on a PC.

View a gpx file in Google Earth

Click here

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