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Becoming a member:

Apply for full membership

Prospective members may apply for full membership at any time after completing three qualifying walks (designated M in the walks program). The prospective joining fee, already paid, includes membership to 30th June. Once a full member, you will receive an account for the next financial year in June.

After completing your 3 qualifying walks,

  • Click HERE to fill in your online full membership application form (one per person please)


  • send the following to The Membership Secretary, The Bush Club, go to Contact us for address

THEN: Your application for full membership of the Bush Club will be submitted to the membership sub-committee for approval after the relevant walks reports are received from leaders. Should your membership be successful, your membership pack will be mailed to you, otherwise you will be notified of any problems. Usually this process is completed well within a month – if there are significant delays we will endeavour to notify you.

Once again, please take the time to download and read our Notes for walkers

For further information phone the Membership Secretary, go to Contact us

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