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Becoming a member:

Frequently asked Questions

How do I actually start walking with the Bush Club Inc?

Having paid the Prospective Membership fee, completed the paperwork and mailed the form and cheque to the Membership Secretary, select a qualifying walk (marked with an ‘M’), contact the walk leader at least 3 days before the walk and explain that you are a prospective member and would like to come on their walk.

The leader may ask a number of questions regarding your physical capacity to do the walk. These are not intended to be personally intrusive but are designed to ensure that you enjoy and complete the walk in safety. Please advise the leader about any medication you are taking which might be relevant.

You also need to re-read the general instructions on page one of the Walks Schedule regarding equipment, safety and water. Your personal safety is very important.

Can I do walks as a Prospective Member that are not marked with the ‘M’ symbol?

Yes. You can do any walk on the program (subject to the conditions above). Walks without the ‘M’ symbol do not speed your qualification process but they will increase your walking capacity and enjoyment. Remember to contact the leader in all cases and let him/her know you are a Prospective member.

When I have done my 3 qualifying walks do I have to wait until 30th June before I sign up as a Full Member?

No. As soon as you have completed your 3rd qualifying walk you can apply for Full Membership. A form is included with the information pack you receive as a prospective member.

As a Prospective Member can I participate in the Bush Club email Short Notice Walks Program?

Yes. The same conditions apply. Make sure you contact the leader.

As a Prospective Member can I invite a visitor to come on a walk?

No. Visitors may only be invited by full members who must be present on the walk and subject to the leader giving approval.

What should I do if I am injured on a walk?

The most important thing to do is notify the leader on the day. Click here for more information about our insurance policy.

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